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What is Code Craft?

Code Craft is a 12 week full-time software development course. 6 talented students will be chosen to spend 12 weeks learning good engineering practices, software development skills and a solid, usable grounding based on real-life coding experience.

What’s more we’ll constantly assess all of the students, so there is a real opportunity for stand-out students to secure full-time employment and join the Funding Circle tech team. We will provide you with the training in the core software development skills, focussing on the technology we use at Funding Circle, encompassing practices, languages and techniques widely used by the rest of tech startup world.

We will cover:

  • Web development languages like Ruby and Javascript
  • Database skills covering basic to intermediate SQL, Postgres and a touch of nosql
  • Development processes we use in Funding Circle: XP(extreme programming) practices like TDD and Pairing and 'Agile' tools and techniques
  • AND we will mix this with live, production experience. In other words, you won't just learn the skills, you will get the opportunity to try them out in the real world and see first-hand the work you have created

At Code Craft we will train you in the craft of writing great software, and hope that you will become one of 'us', but if not one of us, you will become another developer to help fill the incredible demand generated by the Tech City phenomenon.

What does it cost? Nothing.

Aside from a 12 week commitment of time, the course costs you nothing.
And, we'll pay you as well.

So, if you enjoy new challenges and feel you have the skills for this kind of thing (you know a little more than just how to fire up a browser and head straight to Facebook), apply for one of the coveted place by filling in our questionnaire and application form below.

We’ll be announcing the the second batch of Code Crafters later in 2014.