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Google I/O 2015

Posted by Juanita Lee

Google I/O. That’s the developer conference Google holds every year in San Francisco to explore the latest and greatest in tech, including web, mobile and everything in between and beyond! In 2013, only 8% of attendees were women and in 2014, it rose to 20%. This year I was lucky enough to attend I/O and was a part of the record 23% in attendance!

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Many ways to write a unit test

Posted by Danny Olson

Wherein we explore multiple ways to write a unit test, and further, discovering an alternative that more fully expresses the intent of the code.

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Creating a Package Repository for Alpine Linux

Posted by Afam Agbodike

As part of our dockerization efforts we needed some software that was not available in the publicly available alpine linux repositories (such as Consul and Weave) and decided to build our own repository so we would have a standard place to put them. While creating the repository it became clear that the existing documentation was outdated, so I decided I would document the steps needed to get a repository set up for Alpine Linux.

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