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ClojureCircle at Funding Circle

Posted by Anna Keren

We hosted the third Clojure Circle meet-up this year at the Funding Circle London HQ. We were joined by fifty of London’s finest for the presentations as well as the mandatory beers, pizza and socialising.

Our aim once again was to host and enable...

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The FC4 Framework

Posted by Avi Flax

Fig 1: screenshot of a Google Images search for “software diagram”

I love software architecture diagrams. Good examples harness the strengths of both linguistic and visual communication to reach pinnacles of precision, clarity, and richness. I even love bad diagrams — which is most of them — for the earnest optimism...

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My First Week at Funding Circle

Posted by Rose Molina Atienza

Starting at a new company is an intense period; one that, for most of us, goes by in a blur of introductions and meetings, interleaved with some moments of calm. Looking back at my first week all I can say is: it was intense, fun and well worth it...

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