ClojureCircle at Funding Circle

Posted by Anna Keren

We hosted the third Clojure Circle meet-up this year at the Funding Circle London HQ. We were joined by fifty of London’s finest for the presentations as well as the mandatory beers, pizza and socialising.

Our aim once again was to host and enable engineers from the Clojure community to share their experiences and showcase their recent projects and research.

This event was kicked off by Andy Chambers, Senior Software Engineer @ Funding Circle, with an innovative solution for testing distributed systems built on Kafka using Clojure. The ideas behind Andy’s presentation can be applied to verification of any distributed software.

After a quick mingling break before we cracked on with the next talk. Andrea Crotti, Senior Software Engineer @ Funding Circle, excited the audience with his presentation on using Re-Frame framework while working on one of his projects.

In the final part of the meet-up, Renzo Borgatti from Droit and the author of the book “Clojure Standard Library” enlightened us with the historical perspective of LISP.

The guests and speakers then had plenty of time to discuss the talks and to socialise together and talk all things Clojure!

The recording of the event can be found here.

The presentations can be found here: - A tale of Lisp - ELO - test-machine

We have some big plans for Clojure Circle in 2019 and we hope to see you again at the next ClojureCircle meet-up.

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If you would be interested in speaking at a future event then please reach out to us directly.

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