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JS Monthly Meetup #67

Posted by Alexandra Staniland

We were proud to host the 67th JS Monthly here at Funding Circle’s offices last week! It was a great turnout and we wanted to give an insight of what went down.

This was the first time we had hosted JS Monthly here at Funding Circle and the perfect...

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Kafka Streams, the Clojure way

Posted by Dave Martin

(Cross post from Clojure Conundrums)

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through how to create a Kafka Streams application in an idiomatic Clojure style. I won’t assume any knowledge of Kafka or Kafka Streams, but if you’ve never heard of them before...

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Conference Review: The Lead Developer London 2019

Posted by Mircea Gheorghiu

Hey! I’m Mircea and this is my second year of attending The Lead Developer London conference; I would say if you’re interested in leading and managing engineers, this is the best conference for you!

This year I found it very refreshing and full of interesting topics with content for both seasoned managers and those just making the switch from individual contributor to manager.

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