JS Monthly Meetup #67

Posted by Alexandra Staniland

We were proud to host the 67th JS Monthly here at Funding Circle’s offices last week! It was a great turnout and we wanted to give an insight of what went down.

This was the first time we had hosted JS Monthly here at Funding Circle and the perfect time to do so right after the summer holidays, so the turnout was great.

The audience at the event

We had talks from three presenters on very different topics, drawn from their personal and team experiences. But before the talks started, we had one of our Technical Leads, Igor Czerwinski, talk through some of the JavaScript technologies that we employ and how we use them.

Funding Circle is a lending platform for small businesses and we are continuing to make a big impact across the UK, US, Germany and the Netherlands by helping contribute £6.5 billion to global GDP and creating 115,000 jobs. One of the biggest projects we are working on is creating a global platform for our borrowers using a mix of JavaScript, Clojure and Ruby.

Igor Czerwinski gives the first talk

When someone joins Funding Circle as an engineer and throughout their time here, we always encourage our teams to get involved in technical communities and speak at internal and external events. So with that being said, Andrew Collins, one of our software engineers and JavaScript whizz, volunteered to be the first speaker of the night!

Andrew Collins delving into React

One of the biggest projects Andrew is working on is creating a new borrower experience using React, so it was only natural that he spoke about this framework in a talk entitled. “React Under The Hood”.

Andrew wanted to delve deeper into how React really works and how to plan for it as this can be hard. He spoke about some of the up and coming and currently unstable parts of React.

Check out his full talk on YouTube

Don’t worry if you missed out on this one, JS Monthly are back in our offices for October and November with plenty more to learn from!

If you would like to host technology community event at our awesome offices, please get in touch with us.

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