Kafka Streams, the Clojure way

Posted by Dave Martin

(Cross post from Clojure Conundrums)

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through how to create a Kafka Streams application in an idiomatic Clojure style. I won’t assume any knowledge of Kafka or Kafka Streams, but if you’ve never heard of them before...

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Conference Review: The Lead Developer London 2019

Posted by Mircea Gheorghiu

Hey! I’m Mircea and this is my second year of attending The Lead Developer London conference; I would say if you’re interested in leading and managing engineers, this is the best conference for you!

This year I found it very refreshing and full of interesting topics with content for both seasoned managers and those just making the switch from individual contributor to manager.

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Conference Highlights: Write the Docs Portland 2019

Posted by Avi Flax

I attended my first Write the Docs conference last year, in Portland. I’d been passionate about documentation and knowledge sharing at work for many years, but I’d been a professional documentarian for only about six months. It was therefore galvanizing and inspiriting to be surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people, people creating a community with strong and clear values that resonated with me. This community is incredibly friendly, warm, inclusive, egalitarian, supportive, helpful, friendly, and thoughtful. That’s one of the primary reasons the conference was extremely valuable for me last year, and why I was eager to attend again this year.

I hope sharing my highlights from the conference will be helpful to anyone working on software documentation or considering attending a similar event.

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